Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rodney & Marva's Wedding

Last month I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Rodney and Marva's wedding. They tied the knot at a church in Tacoma and after the beautiful wedding we headed to the reception at the space needle.

These two almost didn't have a wedding photographer... thud... gasp... OK, getting up off the floor, regaining composure... ;)

I am so glad that Marva's bridesmaids convinced her that it wasn't an option to skip this detail! Of course, most important is that these are memories that you just can't recreate and photographs are really one of the few ways to preserve them. And secondly... I had SOOOO much fun at this wedding.

Everything was planned perfectly and beautifully by their awesome wedding coordinator Dawnet.

The first dance was one for the record books. They started out so sweet and tender dancing to "At Last" and then the music scratched to a halt. They gave the DJ a dirty look like it was all an accident and they were appalled. Then a compilation of the most awesome songs came on back to back to back and they danced their patooties off. I laughed and laughed and the guests just ate it up! Included in this mix: I'm to sexy, Thriller, Macarena... and so many more that I can't even remember...and they finished it all up by going back to At last and with a dip to boot!

Thank you Rodney and Marva for letting me be a part in preserving your memories. I hope you cherish your photographs. You two are so much fun. You treated me like one of the family and I so appreciate it.

Congratulations on your union and the new adventures ahead of you!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

Two cute fishies swiming side by side

AWE-SOME cake!

Feelin the love!

A perfectly timed breeze topped off the mood in this photo!

kissy kissy!

More smooches

macarena baby!!!

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