Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harley Enthusiasts

Meet Billy & Nina! I have known them for about 3 years through my corvette club. Every year we have a big Corvette show to benefit a Clover Park Technical College Student. I donated a certificate to the auction and Billy & Nina won! It took them almost a year to have their session, but it was a beautiful day for it!

We sure had a great time getting some fun photos with the bike. What do you say guys... photos with the vette next time?

Thanks for always being so supportive and wonderful. I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement when it comes to my photography!

Angie D.
Offering unique and fun on location photography
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Nicholas - 2010 Curtis Senior High Rep

Nicholas will be a senior rep for me at CHS this year! Go Viks! I am a Curtis Grad so it is really neat to be able to photograph seniors from the same school I attended. Although it does reinforce how much I have aged!

I actually know Nick's mom through a scrapbooking group I have belonged to for probably around 10 years. When I posted to my facebook account that I was looking for senior reps, she said... I have a senior this year! So we met in time to photograph before the end of school and Nick was able to hand out cards to his classmates that included summer specials.

He was such a trooper! The weather was overcast and a little cool, but we were still able to get some pretty cool photos! So glad you guys like them! Can't wait for our second session to see how we can mix it up and get some other cool settings!
Wishing you a long summer and a speedy 2010! Ü

Angie D

Your Curtis Viking Senior Portrait Photographer

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daniel - 2009 Grad!

This is Daniel. I photographed him this year for his Senior Portraits. He is a graduate of Clover Park HS.

Daniel likes to hang out with his brothers, play rock band and his favorite food is lasagna!

Next year you can find Daniel at TCC in the Criminal Justice program! Thank you for going forth in your education to help our communities be a safer place!

I am so thankful that there are people out there doing their part to uphold the law, soldiers fighting for my freedom and to everyone who volunteers with youth making our world a better place! I admire you all and sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Angie D
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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Antonio... what a handsome and sweet man! I know you will do great things in the world.

I had the opportunity to photograph Antonio because I contacted his school and asked if they could recommend someone who would be deserving of a complimentary photo session. As soon as I met him I knew why they selected him for the opportunity!

Antonio is so respectful and caring. Most Guys just do photos cause their mom is making them or they do it with little enthusiasm. Antonio was good to go! He had ideas, he whipped out his cell phone to schedule the session. Once we were to our session date he was there and he was ready! He came prepared, he brought his best smile and we had a great time. He even convinced (possibly tricked Ü) his brother into coming and helping with the reflector and wardrobe! After the preview session he and his mom were whispering... and honestly making me a little nervous. They left and about 10 minutes later Anthony showed up with a bouquet of roses for me! (HEY HUBBY... take note!!! Ü)

Antonio, I wish you the best of luck with your future! With a great attitude like yours, I know you can do anything!

Angie D
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Caitlin - 2010 Lakes High School Senior Rep

Introducing Caitlin - Super Soccer Woman and member of the graduating class of 2010!

Caitlin is a senior rep for me. What does that mean in a nutshell? It means that by referring classmates she can earn free sessions and prints. Are you interested in being a rep at your school? Contact me through my website for more information.

Caitlin is so much fun! We took these photographs at UW Tacoma... which come to find out was really appropriate because Caitlin is hoping to attend the University of Washington! I could photograph Caitlin for hours! Which I almost did! Ü I was totally loving it!

Soccer is big for Caitlin. She plays for the school and also an outside league. She travels to far off places for tournaments. I also learned that she is so hard core she collided with another player head to head, has the scar to prove it and still plays full tilt!

There's nothing more beautiful than a confident and strong willed woman! You go girl! Show the world what you are made of!
Looking forward to working with you this year! Let me know when your matches are... I would love to come to one!
Angie D.
Your Lakewood Senior Portrait Photographer

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jackson's Newborn Session

Isn't he just adorable?!? He was a tricky one! One of those newborns that likes to be wide awake and fidgety instead of peacefully dreamy. Of course as soon as we were done, he was out like a light! Ü

Absolutely friggen adorable tho! I spend about a half hour after the session sitting on the couch snuggling with mister man! Talk about a relaxation technique. They should have baby snuggling spas. Ooooh... I might have just came up with a fantastic new idea! Baby snuggling spas... I like it...

Back on topic. Apparently I've had too much red bull or am feeling a bit random today. Today? Ha, everyday. I just type it like I think it! Ü

Momma Maile's momma, Barb, is one of the complimentary session winners from when I was building my fan page on facebook. To become a fan find me on facebook here. I do random specials and give aways and post stuff about what I am up to on this page. Check it out! Ü

Jackson decided he was done being in momma's tummy about 4 weeks early. By the time I was able to photograph him, he was already close to a month old. But still itty bitty because of his early arrival. Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks all day! Scrumptious! Ü
They grow so fast! I saw him the other day to deliver the portraits and he looks so much bigger already.

Congrats Maile & Nick on a beautiful baby boy!
Angie D
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rebecca & Joe - Just for love's Sake

Rebecca & Joe were married a year ago (plus a couple months). Rebecca told me that she never had wedding photographs done and wanted to have a session to show their love.

Joe on the other hand was not so much on board with this plan. I was pretty sure I could see the red mark on his wrist where Rebecca had twisted his arm ;)

Well, we started outside at their home, which was a little tricky because of the way the sun was hitting their yard. We did a few there, got Joe warmed up and comfortable as we were going to and dare I say almost having a good time! Ü
From there we drove down the street to the school at the end of their block which provided several areas to photograph these love birds.

"The Story" - When I arrived Rebecca told me that they hadn't had the best of days so far. They'd been bickering and just plain having a rough day. By the end of the session they couldn't keep thier hands off each other and Rebecca actually cried. OH NO! I was so worried that she wasn't having a good time or that maybe Joe had said something and he wasn't having a good time. Turned out that she was crying because of how much in love with her husband she was! I actually almost started crying! How awesome that I was able to provide them with a moment... and to be able to share it with them!

I've said it before, and I will say it again... I love my job! I just love that I was able to help them commemorate their love thru photography and not only that, to provide a memorable and fun experience and moment. I truly enjoy making a session fun. I try to make it unique and special and wonderful. It's not just a job for me... it is about making a connection and helping you remember that moment. So many times when people get ready for photos it is a stressful time... trying to get the kids ready, having to look just so, perfect hair, makeup flawless... great if you can, but it is so much more about the love and the emotion and being together sharing of each other. Let the stress go and have fun! Or cry and be in that moment! I am there for you, whatever direction that takes us. Let loose, have fun, be you... I'll be me and hopefully together we can capture your true emotion and love.

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever