Friday, February 26, 2010

Jennifer and Gregory are married

Last August was full of weddings and this was one of them!  I assisted my friend Resa with Jennifer and Gregory's wedding... and it was just plain beautiful!  If I recall correctly they actually chose their colors based on their venue... which is genius!  The carpet color was brown and lime and therefore they chose to repeat those colors in their wedding decor.  It was genius!  I've seen some wedding decor that has gone horribly wrong.  When you are making your choices, definiteley consider your location!  One wedding I went to, the decor of the location was lime, orange and yellow... totally old school 70's like.  And the bride decorated with red and black.  Besides being visually hard to stomach, it also affected their photographs because the decorations were such a huge eye sore, it was hard to get past them to see the people!

Anyway... enough about that... back to Jennifer and Gregory... what an adorable couple!  I had so much fun helping with this wedding.  Congratulations to you two!

Weddings... so amazing... such a blessing to be a part of them.  Thank you for including me in your special day!

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A recap of 2009

Wow, finally playing catch up with my blogging. I finally have a minute to breathe! What a crazy year last year was for me. An AMAZING year! Thank you to all of my clients, family and friends who have supported me through the growth of my business... I am proud to say I actually made a profit last year. I actually made more than I spent on education and camera equipment and office equipment... WOW... there is so much more to running a business then I really thought about before jumping in. And these last 3 years have been a learning experience FOR SURE! I am so glad I have been surrounded by an amazing group of photographers who have been shining the spotlight down the roads that I should take. I have also had wonderful clients that inspire me and challenge me to be a better photographer.

I finally feel like I am finding "my style"... I'm not just photographing everything because I don't know what I like... not just photographing how I think the client will want me to photograph... but photographing from my passion, from my heart, with my style at work.

Corporate America really pushes so hard on people to fit into certain molds and I really feel like last year I realized... I don't have to be corporate America. I get to be ME! Run my company how I want to, how it will best serve my clients. What a freeing realization. As some of you may remember I had fun with my hair. Put a little pink in there... just because I felt like I could.... well, it was fun... and I may do it again, but just doing it because I could was pretty cool! (My hubby doesn't like it much, so maybe I'll give him a little break from it ;) Anyway, my point is, I feel like I've always been me, but now I am a more improved version of myself!

To continue in my trend of onward and upward, I recently signed on to lease studio space and will be sharing with 4 other very talented and wonderful women in photography! I am so excited about this venture! I will be having an open house soon, so keep your eyes out for details. I've photographed a few sessions in there so far and can't wait to see how my photography changes and evolves with this new opportunity!

So, you've probably stopped reading by this point... with all my yada yada yada... but if I still have your attention... thanks again. Even if I have never photographed you, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, for checking in to see what I am up to. I hope to continue providing heartwarming, fun, enjoyable posts that keep you coming back to get away from your crazy day even if just for a minute to take in someone else's smiles and hear their stories.

Here is to 2010! May it be even more wonderful than 2009... And may I help even more people preserve their memories for the rest of their tomorrows!

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

I couldn't really just post something without a photo now could I????   Isn't he such an adorable little squishy munchkin?!?!?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This session was in the summer just before school started.  I have been waiting to post because I haven't been able to connect with the family.  This was a just for fun session.  A friend of theirs mentioned that they knew some twins and would I be interested in photographing them.  I said SURE!

They may be twins, but don't make the mistake of thinking they are alike!  Ü  I was definitely told about all their differences.  Who likes to dress girly and who likes to dress comfy.  And I had specific instructions... NO CUTESY!  Ü  Sierra and Shannon were so funny... it took them quite a while to get used to the idea of having the photographs taken... they just weren't really sure what to expect.  Finally I got them to open up and have a little fun.  I just LOVE the photo of them laughing.  What a great sisters moment!

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Special - All you need is Love!

Appointments are limited to availability.  Call today to reserve your session! 253-230-7886

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the sweet deal!)

Hope to see you soon!
Angie D.