Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help Alyssa choose her Senior Yearbook Photo

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I was just talking with Miss Alyssa about needing to choose a photo for the yearbook. She said she just didn't know how she was going to choose because she liked so many of the photos, so I told her that I would send some suggestions to her.

So these 6 are my suggestions... but I'd love for you to vote on your favorite. Maybe it will help her narrow down her selection! Ü I have my favorite... it's the one where she is looking over her shoulder. But don't let me sway your decision! Ü

Place your vote! Help a girl out!
Angie D
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kaylin & Noah

Oh my goodness... how does time fly by so quickly? I remember sitting in the hospital and holding this baby girl in my arms and now she's 4! And this little boy is talking and walking and swimming and climbing and it was just yesterday I was photographing his precious tiny baby face.
These two kiddos are so adorable! I'm kind of biased... but really... could they be any cuter?

I love the photo of them walking together on the railroad tracks. It just feels peaceful and it was such a nice moment. No yelling, or fighting or bouncing up and down... just a moment where brother and sister were in total harmony enjoying the scenery. Then we picked dandilions and they blew the fairies and it was so precious!
I also love the photo of my sister with Noah. She didn't plan on being in the photos... however Mister Noah had a different plan. He is TOTALLY a mama's boy. And at this instance he needed to be held. Nika put the biggest smiles on that little boys face and I just think this photo shows the love!

And then the wild running and being a kid all came flooding back and I think I might have even been the instigator on this! Ü I just love running around and acting like a big dorky kid! I REFUSE to grow up!

Virtual hugs to the cutest kiddos I know!
Love Auntie Angie {AKA - "Happy" to the neice and nephew}
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rodney & Marva's Wedding

Last month I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Rodney and Marva's wedding. They tied the knot at a church in Tacoma and after the beautiful wedding we headed to the reception at the space needle.

These two almost didn't have a wedding photographer... thud... gasp... OK, getting up off the floor, regaining composure... ;)

I am so glad that Marva's bridesmaids convinced her that it wasn't an option to skip this detail! Of course, most important is that these are memories that you just can't recreate and photographs are really one of the few ways to preserve them. And secondly... I had SOOOO much fun at this wedding.

Everything was planned perfectly and beautifully by their awesome wedding coordinator Dawnet.

The first dance was one for the record books. They started out so sweet and tender dancing to "At Last" and then the music scratched to a halt. They gave the DJ a dirty look like it was all an accident and they were appalled. Then a compilation of the most awesome songs came on back to back to back and they danced their patooties off. I laughed and laughed and the guests just ate it up! Included in this mix: I'm to sexy, Thriller, Macarena... and so many more that I can't even remember...and they finished it all up by going back to At last and with a dip to boot!

Thank you Rodney and Marva for letting me be a part in preserving your memories. I hope you cherish your photographs. You two are so much fun. You treated me like one of the family and I so appreciate it.

Congratulations on your union and the new adventures ahead of you!

Angie D.
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Two cute fishies swiming side by side

AWE-SOME cake!

Feelin the love!

A perfectly timed breeze topped off the mood in this photo!

kissy kissy!

More smooches

macarena baby!!!

Rodney & Marva Engagement session

I just realized as I was about to post photos from the wedding that I hadn't yet posted engagement photos of Rodney & Marva. Soooo... without further ado... here they are!

Marva didn't decide until late in the process that she was going to have a photographer for the wedding, so we got a late jump on the engagement session. Between all the planning and an unplanned trip to NY for Rodney, it took us a while to coordinate a date to meet.

On Friday July 3rd we met in the morning at Tumwater Falls Park . A mere 15 days before the wedding.

I am so glad we got together for this session. I learned that it takes bribery to get Rodney to smile... so I used that knowledge at the wedding! ;) I also was able to meet Marva's daughter and maid of honor Tiffany. She helped me prod the smiles out of these two. (Thanks Tiffany!) With so much going on in their lives, I was happy to provide an hour of the two of them focusing on each other and their love for one another.

Angie D
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

contest #2

Contest #2 - Can you guess what this is?

Remember - Answers are to be posted to Facebook or to my blog. Remember you may only win once per month. However if you'd like to play, please feel free to send me a message and I will let you know if you are correct.

This Contest is being sponsored by Julia's Floral & Gifts! Check her out at http://www.juliasfloral.com/ Thanks Julia! The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate for flowers! The winner must be local. (If someone who isn't local gets the right answer first I will find a different gift for you!)

Have fun!

Angie D.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Awesome Wedding!

I assisted my super awesome photog friend Michele with this wedding and it was so much fun. If I hadn't ridden in the car with Michele, I probably would have considered hanging out and partying with this couple. Their reception was fantastic. This crowd was there to PARTY!

I am disappointed because Blogger so doesn't do the colors in these photos justice.

And my goodness... how beautiful is this bride! Her eyes are amazing! Gorgeous Dress - Check, beautiful hair - check... and awesome attitude - check! The Groom was handsome and wonderful and they were so obviously madly in love!

It is so wonderful being surrounded by Love! Weddings are so wonderful and I am so grateful to help people remember their special day.

Angie D.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tonya & Kevin

I met Tonya & Kevin in University Place near the golf course and we had such a good time getting to know each other. These two are so photogenic and so much fun.

Their wedding was scheduled for this month but life got a little crazy and they decided to postpone the ceremony. I look forward to the day that they do get married. They had some really fun ideas for the big day.

I just adore these photos. I think they came out so great... and that they really show how in love these two are.

ahhhhhh... love... it's a beautiful thing!

Angie D

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun day at the park

I can't believe it has been so long since I photographed these two cuties. *BLUSH* This session took place on a chilly late May morning. The kids were awesome and we had so much fun! (Or at least I did anyway!)

It was really neat to watch them play together. To watch Nicholas & Amelia play together. "Mia" obviously adores her big brother. It was so cute to see her running behind him and copying what he would do.

This may have been my easiest kiddo session ever. They played together so well and just let me play right along with them! The reward for their hard work was to go to the playground afterward. I think I may have enjoyed the swings more than they did. By the time we got there the sun was warm on our face and the sound of children's giggles filled the air. Ah beautiful spring.

It was a fantastic day and these kiddos are awesome.

Guessing he's giving her some important advice here!

I wish we knew what she was thinking here. She is so peaceful!


Peek-a-boo, I see you!

And seriously... heart breaker in training!
I can't wait to photograph the whole family together. (We just gotta get dad on board! Ü)
Angie D
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Momma & Baby on the way

Cristy and I went to high school together and recently reconnected through Facebook! I was so excited when I saw that she was pregnant because she has the cutest little pregnant body! I dropped a few hints about photographs and finally decided I HAD to photograph her beautiful belly...so I offered her a complimentary photography session. And I am so glad I did for many reasons.
Cristy is obviously adorable... her baby bump is so cute... it's been so awesome getting to know her. (We never really did know each other in school, just knew of each other) AND the best thing of all, I got to help her surprise her sweetie. She kept the photography session a suprise from him! How fun is that. She told me that she hates having her photograph taken and that he would never suspect she would do this in a million years. I am so glad she did. I just love her style and it will be neat for her family to have these memories down the line.

Congratulations Cristy & Carlos. I can't wait to meet your handsome baby boy! (Hopefully sooner than later, right! Ü)
Angie D
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Photo Contest #1

I am starting a contest where I will post a series of different photos to my blog.

Answer the who/what/where of the photo and receive a $25 gift card. SWEET!

Only comments posted on my blog or on facebook will be eligible for the gift certificate. The first person to answer correctly will be the winner. Only one gift certificate per person per month.

Good luck!

First Photo... Guess where this was taken:

Remember to post your answers to my blog in order to be eligible for the gift certificate! This first one is easier, they'll get harder as I go! Ü


And thanks for playing!

Angie D.
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