Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas in January...

These photos were taken for holiday gifts and cards and I am so happy with how cute they turned out.  I must say you can't go wrong with two adorable little girls!

I did learn my lesson though...and I knew as soon as I'd done it... it was BAD!  I had grand visions of one little girlie sitting on a stool and the other little love with her arms around her cousin.  Oh, wouldn't that have been so "Picture Perfect".  Well yeah, if they weren't at that point in their lives where if she has one, you need one too! Ü  So after a very brief attempt at my bright idea, a few tears from both little girls because they both wanted to sit on the stool, and some candy bribery... we were back on the right track to happy ladies! Ü

My favorite part... getting to surprise grandma!  We attempted multiple photographs of her kids with their kids and no one photograph was "THE ONE".  The girls were done at this point and it was all I could do to get the "big kids" to keep their eyes open.  I told grandma I would try to see if I could combine a couple of photographs to make one that she'd be proud to hang on her wall.   WELL... I fibbed... yeah I did.  Kristy, her daughter, and I were partners in deception!  We told grandma so very sadly that we weren't able to make it happen.  And then for Christmas she received a gift portrait with some of her favorite people in it!  That was a lot of fun!  I hope you loved it Carla!

And this is where I thank Kristy for being a wonderful and supportive Accountability Partner!  Kristy and I talk every day and commit to each other to do things for our own business!  Sometimes it is hard to stay on track when you work from home... the internet calls your name, the couch is so inviting, there are TV shows on the DVR... but Kristy keeps me accountable and I don't know if I would be where I am today if it weren't for her!  Thank you for the last year and a half (can you believe it's been that long) of kicking my rear in gear!

Feeling so lucky for all the wonderful people in my life...

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another August Wedding

These photographs are from a wedding I assisted on in August with my good photog friend Michele! Michele is an amazing mentor and woman.  I am so thankful for her help, motivation and friendship!

This was such a fun couple and bridal party.  It is so neat getting to meet so many people that I wouldn't otherwise be able to know.  The bride had a twin sister and the relationship between them was awesome!  AND they even pulled the old switcheroo on the groom back in the day when they were first dating!  In other words the other twin went on the date to see how long it would take him to realize he was with the wrong girl!  How funny!

It was a beautiful wedding held on post in Bremerton.


Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ryan & Dawn's Wedding

Ryan and Dawn were married August 9th at Rock Creek Gardens which is an absolutely beautiful outdoor venue!

The weather was absolutely perfect for an August wedding. The clouds drifted in and out and kept the temperature cool. Dawn was such a glowing bride. Giddy with excitement...So happy to be marrying the man of her dreams.

Dawn planned her Washington wedding from her home in California where she resides with Ryan. She grew up in Sumner and was excited to have a Washington wedding. When Dawn called me we connected immediately... we talked for a LONG time about all the exciting details! Her mom Denise helped with all the plans and was the one who found Rock Creek Gardens... the perfect location for Ryan and Dawn because they have a great love of the outdoors. (Ryan asked Dawn to marry him when they were out hiking.) Denise is just one of those people who will make you feel like part of the family. I loved all the hugs and smiles and good vibes Denise was sending! Dawn was very proud to tell me that she was inspired by her parents loving relationship which celebrated its 36th anniversary in June.

Dawn and Ryan met through E-Harmony about a year before their wedding. Dawn's brother also was very lucky to have found his wonderful wife through E-Harmony... PROOF that it does work! Ü

I think the two moments that will forever be in my memory about Ryan and Dawn's wedding will be:
       *When Dawn was upstairs getting ready and was calling out the window to Ryan (calling out and the hiding behind the drapes of course) and telling him she loved him and couldn't wait to see him.
       *The fact that she told me ahead of time... I will probably kiss Ryan multiple times as we walk back down the aisle after our wedding. When he kisses me it sends electricity through my body! (How awesome is that!)

I so enjoyed your wedding and your family. I wish you lived here... it would be awesome to watch your love continue to grow. Congratulations to you both. You are the kind of couple that other couples long to be like!

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Portraits at the Falls

Amy (mom) and I met in the 4th grade and became fast friends. She lived down the street from me until I moved away from home when I was 20. We have all kinds of memories together... most of which I probably shouldn't share here just in case her daughter is reading! Ü Actually we weren't that bad.

We went to elementary school, junior high and high school together. We laughed together, cried together, talked about boys, fought over boys (you know who you are), went to dances, in fact she was even my "date" in 9th grade when my boyfriend broke up with me a week before the big dance (you know who YOU are! LOL). We watched Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman more times than probably anyone else on earth. Ü

After high school we even worked together at Brewery City Pizza which no longer exists in University Place, but it does in Lacey/Olympia. (side note... go there for pizza... it's yummy!) This is also where I met Ross (dad) for the first time... he was one of my supervisors and such an awesome guy to be around. (Another side note, this is also where I met my husband... BCP has a lot of life history for me!)

When Amy's daughter Alexsis was born I was so excited for her. Amy was the first one of my friends to have a baby and it was so cool to be a part of their lives at that time! All of this was so long ago, yet seems like it could have been just recently.

Amazingly after all these years and life happening in between, going years sometimes without talking, we reconnected at our reunion, and then again through facebook, and now and then at little mini reunions that we organize with friends... and when Amy asked me to take her family portraits I was so excited and NERVOUS. I mean, you can't let your lifelong friend down!

We met at Tumwater Falls on a cool but sunny September morning. The weather was beautiful. The family was looking sharp. The Falls were gorgeous. I even got a lot of exercise in during this session. (Probably the most ever hiking up and down the area around the falls.) I can’t believe how grown up Alexsis is… she’ll be graduating before we know it. Gunnar is so funny… the chattiest little boy I know!

Amy, Alexsis, Ross & Gunnar

Big Sis & little brother.

I am so grateful to be your friend and to have had the pleasure of photographing your family. You all mean so much to me.

Angie D.