Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prom Dress Divas

Caitlin is definitely becoming a super star on my blog! Ü  This is her third appearance... but this time she's bringing friends!

I was thinking to myself... wouldn't it be awesome to offer Prom Dress Photos?  I mean after all, we buy this expensive dress and then wear it once.  Maybe loan it to a girlfriend to wear and then it sits in the closet.

We have to find just the right color, the right fit, make sure it's different from all of our friend's dresses... then we wear it once and we're done with it.  It sits in the closet and we think... I'm sure I'll wear it again some day...

Angie D Photography is now offering "Be a Prom Dress Diva" sessions!  What an awesome way to put your dress on a pedestal, get all gussied up, and get photographs of yourself rocking that dress like no one else could?!?!

Your session can be in the studio or on location.  Location ideas: a field with flowers and tall grass, near an old car or truck or barn, (the contrast between old and new is fun), the beach, downtown.... the ideas are endless!  Bring your bff's or make the session all your own!

So, where will your Diva session be?

Angie D.
Be Unique, Have Fun, Tell your Story

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Julie Mixon Workshop - AMAZING

Last week - actually a week ago today - I was sitting in a class with my mouth open and my eyes wide learning so many cool things that are going to make my job more simple!  Photoshop is such a beast... so much to learn, so many things to keep you busy for years, and it makes being a photographer awesome and frustrating some times.

Julie was such an awesome teacher.  She was so easy to follow and learn from.  Of course, I think if you were new to photoshop you might not get as much out of the class, but for where I am at it was amazing.  I found after the fact, I was a little bummed with myself because I didn't take as many notes as I should have.  I was so engrossed and excited that I just stared in amazement!

If you are a photographer and could use faster and more common sense ways to work through your workflow... you have got to take this workshop!  http://juliemixonworkshops.com/coalesce/

She'll come to you as long as you help her organize it!  This wonderful woman came all the way from North Carolina and was just the sweetest!

Thanks so much Julie!  I better get to work applying the techniques you taught us before I lose it! Ü (I've already used some textures and borders!)  Here is one of the super cute borders...

Be on the look out for more cute stuff and fun photos!

Angie D.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sneak Peek for April

Last Saturday evening ended with a surprise phone call from a photographer I have never met.  Her poor little daughter was ill making it impossible for her to perform a photo shoot the next day and she was looking for someone to take it over for her.

So early Sunday morning I spoke with April and we set up the details for them to have their photo shoot with me.  At noon that day I had the priveledge of meeting her beautiful family!

Here is the sneak peek for April and her family.

I am so glad to have met your family.  Looking forward to showing you the rest of the photos!

Angie D.