Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Julie Mixon Workshop - AMAZING

Last week - actually a week ago today - I was sitting in a class with my mouth open and my eyes wide learning so many cool things that are going to make my job more simple!  Photoshop is such a beast... so much to learn, so many things to keep you busy for years, and it makes being a photographer awesome and frustrating some times.

Julie was such an awesome teacher.  She was so easy to follow and learn from.  Of course, I think if you were new to photoshop you might not get as much out of the class, but for where I am at it was amazing.  I found after the fact, I was a little bummed with myself because I didn't take as many notes as I should have.  I was so engrossed and excited that I just stared in amazement!

If you are a photographer and could use faster and more common sense ways to work through your workflow... you have got to take this workshop!  http://juliemixonworkshops.com/coalesce/

She'll come to you as long as you help her organize it!  This wonderful woman came all the way from North Carolina and was just the sweetest!

Thanks so much Julie!  I better get to work applying the techniques you taught us before I lose it! Ü (I've already used some textures and borders!)  Here is one of the super cute borders...

Be on the look out for more cute stuff and fun photos!

Angie D.

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