Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nanny nanny boo boo

From February until last Tuesday I was nannying two days a week for a family in Tacoma.

One day I took my camera to work because I was going to a photography class that night and I decided to take a few photos. The two of them are at such growing stages in their lives which I tried to capture in the images. At the time the sweet baby girl had just started eating finger foods which gave me the idea to photograph her hands picking up food. Later that day her brother and I played with Play doh and so I snapped a photo of his hands with a play doh toy. I also included a couple of the shots in color because the two of them have the most gorgeous blue eyes!

All boy... Too fast for me to catch him full frame on this one, but I love his little devious smile and the way his eyes just grab me. That will teach me to zoom in too close on a 2 year old! Ü

Can you say attitude? It was funny to watch this girl find her her voice and her attitude... she was crawling and eating finger foods within a couple weeks of each other and it seems like as soon as she realized she could do so much on her own... she got SASSY! Ü It was amusing to say the least.

These two kids are so cute. I decided to make the 2 story board collages (shown on top) for mom and I think they are just precious. I can't wait to photograph the whole family!


Angie D.
In love with photographing kids and all their preciousnessocity. (yeah, I like to make up words... this is one of my favorites!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunnyside Beach

My family loves the beach. I could end the blogging right there. That is really all the statement that needs to be made. There is just something about the water that is so peaceful, to sit on the shore and listen to the waves. Ahhhh...

This is my cousin Nicki and her two handsome boys Clint and Connor. Nicki grew up here in Washington, but now they live in Montana. Every time they are here for a visit it is an unspoken knowledge that we will be going to the beach with them. Of course being a member of my family, she tells us loud and clear that she wants to go... but she doesn't have to! Ü

I just love how these photographs turned out. Sometimes it was just meant to be! They had actually driven from Montana, straight to Lakewood, met me and my mom and we went down to Sunnyside beach in Steilacoom. The boys were restless from being in the car all day, but Nicki said... I really want you to take a photograph of us at the beach. After a few appropriate boy tailored jokes we had the guys smiling and I captured this wonderful moment of mom and her boys at the beach.
It is truly wonderful that I am able to photograph these moments in life. I feel so very lucky to be doing what I love and giving people memories that they can cherish forever. The last couple years have been an amazing journey down the path that has led me to where I am now.
Thank you to those of you who are helping make my dream of being a photographer come true. I look forward to helping you...
Remember Today ~ Forever

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My "baby" niece is 3!

Here are a few snapshots I took at Kaylin's 3rd birthday. My how she has grown so fast.

Her birthday was at the beginning of May and we got really lucky with the weather. Lucky in as much as the rain held off until all the festivities were done.

Things I love most about Kaylin: her crazy sense of humor (she fits right into this family), her adorable eye rolling manuevers, she calls me happy instead of auntie.

Most memorable Kaylin moment ever: holding her in my arms when she was 2 days old and the bond I felt with her instantly.

What events are coming up in your world? Can I help you by photographing your event?

Talk to you soon,

Angie D.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lisa & Jackson

This is a sneak peak for Lisa. Today was supposed to be her preview session, but unfortunately I have a cold and decided not to share my germs.... I figured the least I could do is let Mom see a few images ! Ü

I had a great time photographing Lisa and Jackson. Lisa had me out to the house because she is always behind the camera and never has any photographs of herself with her son. It was so much fun to be in Jackson's world for an hour. I actually took over 200 photographs and managed to keep up with this little guy! WHOA!

It is so hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here are a few of him playing with his trains that I think are so precious.

Happy Wednesday,

Angie D.