Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nanny nanny boo boo

From February until last Tuesday I was nannying two days a week for a family in Tacoma.

One day I took my camera to work because I was going to a photography class that night and I decided to take a few photos. The two of them are at such growing stages in their lives which I tried to capture in the images. At the time the sweet baby girl had just started eating finger foods which gave me the idea to photograph her hands picking up food. Later that day her brother and I played with Play doh and so I snapped a photo of his hands with a play doh toy. I also included a couple of the shots in color because the two of them have the most gorgeous blue eyes!

All boy... Too fast for me to catch him full frame on this one, but I love his little devious smile and the way his eyes just grab me. That will teach me to zoom in too close on a 2 year old! Ü

Can you say attitude? It was funny to watch this girl find her her voice and her attitude... she was crawling and eating finger foods within a couple weeks of each other and it seems like as soon as she realized she could do so much on her own... she got SASSY! Ü It was amusing to say the least.

These two kids are so cute. I decided to make the 2 story board collages (shown on top) for mom and I think they are just precious. I can't wait to photograph the whole family!


Angie D.
In love with photographing kids and all their preciousnessocity. (yeah, I like to make up words... this is one of my favorites!)


lynette said...

Great pictures! Love the close up of the little guy. Great perspective.

nwscrapmom said...

I really like how you capture the close-up shots. I really kick myself for not getting pictures of the chubby little hands and fingers when my kids were little.

Willow said...

omg that last one of miss sassy pants is tah-die-for!