Monday, July 7, 2008

Handsome Jackson

So, I did a preview of Jackson before, but saved my favorites for when mom got to see them in person at my home. Here are a few of those faves...

Talk about eyes that could melt your heart! This little guy is so sweet and I just had a great time photographing him. This last photograph, he had just loaned his bike to a friend and he didn't take his eyes off that bike except for a couple of moments where I coaxed him into a glance. Talk about serious!!!

I am looking forward to our late summer, early fall session. We will be taking family portraits and Lisa (Mom) and I have been talking about some great ideas that I think we are both very excited about! Keep checking back, we are planning to do quarterly photographs, so you can watch Jackson grow right along with me! Ü

Don't forget to comment! I love hearing from you and knowing that I am not just some crazy lady blogging to myself! (Alright, alright... we all know I am a little crazy! Ü)

Angie D


Willow said...

angie that last one is awesome! i love the composition and the view of his cute little face.

lynette said...

That last one is fantastic! What a great shot :)

nwscrapmom said...

These are adorable, but I especially love that last shot!

Anna said...


You are really starting to develop a style that says Angie D photogrpahy. I love it. I love your enviromental shots, that leave in just enough of the enviroment to let you know what and where you are, but leave out all the confusion of the backgroud. Great work. Love the closeups too. Attention to detail is great.