Monday, July 14, 2008

Hottie McHotterson

On July 2nd I joined forces with several fantastic photographers to capture some awesome images! Willow found two models and hired a makeup artist, the models got ready at her studio, we took a few photographs there and then drove to Fort Steilacoom Park where we photographed and laughed and had a good time.

I am only featuring one of the two models today... I haven't had a chance to edit the photographs from the other model.

This is Michelli... Isn't she beautiful! Those eyes... captivating!

In the few hours I got to spend with her I learned:
She has a beautiful laugh
She doesn't like her smile
If you tell her to think about her boyfriend, you can get the most gorgeous smile from her
She owns her own business
She's a lot of fun

I hope I have the opportunity to visit with her again. I had such an awesome time during this photo shoot!

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather we are having!

Angie D.
Model Photographer
Lakewood WA


Lesa said...

great work once again, Ang!..she is gorgeous!

Willow said...

angie that first one is OUTSTANDING! i love the legs and shoes one, great perspective and so very cute! that was a fun shoot!

lynette said...