Monday, January 31, 2011

Kory - Hardkor Fitness

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ve heard all about how this wonderful man has been helping me and my hubby to lose weight! Kory is the owner of Hardkor Fitness in Fife.

We met in May at a bridal open house in Sumner. Our booths were next to each other which meant we had plenty of time during the day to chat! I told him about how my husband was scheduled for gastric bypass in a couple of months and I really didn’t want him to do it…but that we’d tried other diets and been unsuccessful… Kory convinced me (well, I think I really convinced myself) that Steve and I had to get in to his workshop and give it a go. I mean what did we have to lose but fat! Did I mention that I really didn’t want Steve to have surgery?? My thought was, if you are going to have to change your eating habits forever due to the surgery, why not just change them without surgery and get to have some awesome tasty meals occasionally? Plus no scalpels… sounded like a no brainer to me!!!

Within a couple of weeks we were at the seminar and learning how to eat so that the fat would just fall off of us. I am so proud of my husband… he’s lost over 60 pounds and is doing so well. When I first started I followed the diet until I met my goal, which was to not have to unbutton my pants every time I sat down! LOL… well, I met my goal and didn’t set another one… and then guess what… I didn’t lose any more! On December 28th I joined an 8 week challenge for the most fat loss in a group of amazing women! I am currently at 4 weeks and am so excited for the next four.

I photographed Kory for some website and business portraits in August. I think they turned out amazing!

Below are the kettle bells that Kory uses to put people through workouts... I just had my first one and LOVED it! Ü

Meeting Kory and his new bride Andrea was such a wonderful blessing. Not only have they helped us to change our health in order to spend more time together… they are also two of the most genuine and amazing people. They inspire me and encourage me and I just love being around them!!!

Thanks you two!

Angie D.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christi and Michael are married!

Once again I have fallen behind on my blogging.  Tis the time of year when I go "HOLY &Q*$%Q#%" and clean up all the things that were left behind in the insanity of the summer through holiday season.

I am pleased to introduce you to Mr & Mrs Ervin. 

I almost always accidently say Mr & Mrs Dykstra which is Christi's maiden name and then have to correct myself! Ü  I was not only lucky enough to be chosen to photograph their special day, but also to call these two friends.  I met Michael & Christi thru our Corvette Club several years ago and it was a fast and easy friendship.  Don't you just love those.  The ones where you can just BE with someone.  It's automatically comfortable, you always have fun, no drama.... ahhhh... I think we're due for some hanging out time! Ü

Michael & Christi were married on her parents farm out in the middle of Chicken Scratch, WA. (Don't look it up, it's not a real place.) ;) To this city girl, it was way out there... but it was soooo beautiful.  I just love all the barns & textures there were to use as backdrops!

Some romantic kissing started the day off right!

What an awesome place to have a wedding.  So many memories already exist here and now even more for the whole family to treasure!

The beautiful clearing where the wedding was held.

I know these hands will hold each other and support each other through so much.

We did it!

A resident and guest. :)

I figured it only appropriate to bring one more item they love into the photos. :) 
This is the emblem on the hood of their '79 Corvette.

Michael has the greatest laugh... I can just feel it coming through in this photograph!

Congratulations you two! You did it! It's final!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Miss Mallory is not only funny and beautiful she's also very outgoing and ambitious! Mallory is the Senior Class President at her high school.  She's also very involved in Dance!

She seems shy until you get her talking and then you're in for a great treat! I just love the fun and casual feel of this photo... don't get between a girl and her coffee! Ü

So very dramatic and wonderful! Love it!

Mallory was up for anything! This photograph was taken on the side of the Antique Sandwich company! It was so cold that day ... but Mallory was a trooper and we got some amazing images!

Love the drama of this photograph... apparently Mal, you do drama very well! Ü
So cool that we could incorporate your dance shoes!

A beautiful close up! I had to give it all I had with this girlie! She's so used to dance that she's got a "performance smile" and a "real smile".  She made me work hard and make a fool out of myself to get that real smile to shine through... but when I did ... it was soooo worth it!

Love this chair! Love it! And you make it look good girl! Ü

Thanks Mallory for being a senior rep this year.  It's been a pleasure working with you.
Good luck in college next year and with all your future endeavors!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever