Monday, June 7, 2010

We need your help!!!!

These two very handsome boys are going to be going to Disney next month to try out for a TV show.  They each need a headshot and mom & dad and I just couldn't come to a difinitive decision... SO, we are asking for your help!!! Could you please chose which of the photographs is your favorite of each boy?

Each boy recited their lines to me and they were both so clever.  Made me smile!

First off is Robert, during his rehearsal he'll be discussing the very serious business of saving your mashed potatoes so that you can hide your vegetables under them. Ü 


Next is Justin.  His lines involve a lot of hot dogs.  It made me laugh as I thought to myself that he was describing my husband and probably just about any man on earth.  Justin's lines involve him being at a friend's house, but he has to leave at dinner time if they don't have any hot dogs because that's all he will eat.


Thanks in advance for your help! We appreciate it!

Angie D.

Friday, June 4, 2010

May Newsletter

Yes it's June but it took me a bit to figure out how to post my newsletter to my blog!  Check out the upcoming events and specials by clicking on the link!

May Newsletter

There's also an opportunity to WIN A FREE SESSION!!!! All you have to do is follow the very easy instructions and do it by June 10th!

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Thanks... and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

(And of course I couldn't write a post without a photo!!!)

Angie D.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beautiful and Talented Amy

Meet Amy. Gorgeous right, and she's got talent... Alot of it!!! 

The reason we photographed Amy is because she needed Playbill headshots for vocal performances.  Not only does she sing, but she is also an interior decorator! And to top it off she's mom to three beautiful and energetic children. 

I've known Amy for years now! I used to play softball and work with her hubby Joe when I worked for "The Credit Union."  Amy would come and support us at so many of our softball games and I can remember back to when her oldest son was born.  (That was just last year, right?!?!) ;)

When Amy and I got together for her portrait session and she disclosed that she was doing interior design... I was soooo excited!  She's been helping me with my bathroom project and I can't wait to see it all finished!!!

Thanks Amy for a wonderful session and for being awesome in dealing with my indecision! (This awesome woman even went to Lowe's with me and shopped!)

She's the best!!!!

Angie D.