Monday, June 7, 2010

We need your help!!!!

These two very handsome boys are going to be going to Disney next month to try out for a TV show.  They each need a headshot and mom & dad and I just couldn't come to a difinitive decision... SO, we are asking for your help!!! Could you please chose which of the photographs is your favorite of each boy?

Each boy recited their lines to me and they were both so clever.  Made me smile!

First off is Robert, during his rehearsal he'll be discussing the very serious business of saving your mashed potatoes so that you can hide your vegetables under them. Ü 


Next is Justin.  His lines involve a lot of hot dogs.  It made me laugh as I thought to myself that he was describing my husband and probably just about any man on earth.  Justin's lines involve him being at a friend's house, but he has to leave at dinner time if they don't have any hot dogs because that's all he will eat.


Thanks in advance for your help! We appreciate it!

Angie D.


Monica said...

Angie, For Robert I'm torn between #1 - he looks approachable and has a hint of a shy smile. The other is #4 - maybe each of the two photographs show a hint of mischief which for some reason appeals to me. =) All are good.

Now for Justin, this is harder. What a smile! I'm going with A & C. Such good looking young men. I wish them the best of luck.

Patrice said...

Robert - #4 - just looks like a kid who KNOWS how to hide the veggies AND get away with it.

Justin - #1 - I just like that one best - sorry, they all kind of look alike. He needs to rock his personality a little more!

Laura said...

For Robert I choose pic # 1. For Robert I choose pic B. Wish the both of them the best of luck!!!!!!!

Zach said...

Robert #4
Justin #1

Marie said...

Which ones did you end up choosing? (I voted on FB.)