Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beach Beauty

This weekend I was at Long Beach with a car club my husband and I belong to. Steve and I were walking on the boardwalk and this gal was down on the beach laying on top of her VW bus - it was adorable.

First thought... I have to photograph this. Second thought... I wish I had my pro camera. Third thought... I'm too far away.

So, being the shy person I am... LOL... I walked up to those gals (to be fair, they did have one guy with them... but he ran for the hills when I mentioned bringing out the camera! Ü) I said, I know this seems kind of weird, but I am a photographer and ... yada yada yada... and shazam... now I have these adorable images! I hope they love them as much as I do.

I loved her cute bandana in her hair, the flip flops in the sand, the peace symbol on the bus, the flower hanging in the window...

Love, Peace, and Happy Memories,


Monday, April 28, 2008

Something for the heart...

Reach out for something
If you want to reach out for something new, you have to let go of what is in the hand, so today, practice letting go of fear and listening to your heart, your inner voice, your higher self, instead every time you feel fearful, or cautious, or concerned, or worried, take a breath, and like dropping something in your hand, just drop the fear, exhale, and listen to your heart, you can trust it to guide you, it will do the most fantastic job.

Received from my Pilates Instructor - Carol

Friday, April 25, 2008


Last week I attended the spring fair in Puyallup with one purpose... photograph the fair as I know it. It was so cool to be there with my camera. (Although I must say I was sad not to go on any rides! I am a ride girl through and through.)

Ok, seriously... don't those photos just make you want to be at the fair! Now I'm hungry! Ü

(This ferris wheel photograph is my favorite)

This is my second favorite photo. Makes you think about the fact that there are bodies in there moving all over like those lights are. A whole different perspective through my lens than when I'm on the ride. I must say, I enjoy being on both sides!

I hope these images brought up some fun fair memories.


Your photographer of all things fun!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrating Couples

Here are a couple of couples from my day at the park the weekend before last...
I just think they turned out so cute! The weather held out for us... of course this was before the great snow of April 2008! How rediculous has the weather been!?!?!
Oh, and I have to tell you how cute this is.... the first couple brought a picture of his grandparents from when they were on thier honeymoon. We copied the pose in this photograph. How sweet is that!
Keep Smiling!
Your Photographer

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The rumors are true...

Spring really is here!

Isn't this just precious. I don't have permission from mom to use these on my website, so I just have to keep her anonymous for now. But I just love the little flowers in her cute hands!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I have new hair!

I have been wanting to get my hair done for sooooo long now, but it just hasn't been in the budget.

2 weeks ago Steve got a bonus at work and we decided we would each treat ourselves to something nice. I got this new haircut! I am really excited about it, I can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet!

Let me know what you think! Comments are always appreciated on all of my blog posts!

Thanks for reading!

When you want something... make it happen

A couple days ago I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a window in my office... (I am definitely one who needs daylight to function!) and I was wishing that I had some flowers outside my window.

I despise yard work - So planting was out... I am just not a hands in the soil kind of person. Actually I hate having dirty hands. (Now you know another little tidbit about me!)

I have a calendar that I use these chalk pens on and I was updating it and got the brilliant idea to create a garden! The photo is the view I have from my desk. Beautiful flowers, my cat's tree in the corner (every day is bring your cat to work day for me).

Just a sneak peak into a day in the life of Angie!

Hope you are enjoying the nicer weather we are having. At least we aren't freezing anymore! The weather is looking up for the weekend! Ü

Creative go to girl!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beautiful Baby Boy

Noah is my nephew and the newest addition to the beautiful babies that I am blessed to be able to photograph.

Noah's interests include, Karate (ok, maybe not yet, but he packs a punch!), bottles, naps and being dressed in handsome outfits.

Kaylin is his very proud big sister and she is very helpful.
Babies Babies everywhere... and I love it!
Angie D.
Your Baby Photographer