Friday, April 25, 2008


Last week I attended the spring fair in Puyallup with one purpose... photograph the fair as I know it. It was so cool to be there with my camera. (Although I must say I was sad not to go on any rides! I am a ride girl through and through.)

Ok, seriously... don't those photos just make you want to be at the fair! Now I'm hungry! Ü

(This ferris wheel photograph is my favorite)

This is my second favorite photo. Makes you think about the fact that there are bodies in there moving all over like those lights are. A whole different perspective through my lens than when I'm on the ride. I must say, I enjoy being on both sides!

I hope these images brought up some fun fair memories.


Your photographer of all things fun!


lynette said...

Great shots Ang!!!! I love the ferris wheel too.

nwscrapmom said...

Absolutely INCREDIBLE images, Ang. Thanks so much for sharing!

Willow said...

angie i love the one with the moon, hands down my fave!

Michele said...

Love your photos, you captured the event very well!