Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christi and Michael are married!

Once again I have fallen behind on my blogging.  Tis the time of year when I go "HOLY &Q*$%Q#%" and clean up all the things that were left behind in the insanity of the summer through holiday season.

I am pleased to introduce you to Mr & Mrs Ervin. 

I almost always accidently say Mr & Mrs Dykstra which is Christi's maiden name and then have to correct myself! Ü  I was not only lucky enough to be chosen to photograph their special day, but also to call these two friends.  I met Michael & Christi thru our Corvette Club several years ago and it was a fast and easy friendship.  Don't you just love those.  The ones where you can just BE with someone.  It's automatically comfortable, you always have fun, no drama.... ahhhh... I think we're due for some hanging out time! Ü

Michael & Christi were married on her parents farm out in the middle of Chicken Scratch, WA. (Don't look it up, it's not a real place.) ;) To this city girl, it was way out there... but it was soooo beautiful.  I just love all the barns & textures there were to use as backdrops!

Some romantic kissing started the day off right!

What an awesome place to have a wedding.  So many memories already exist here and now even more for the whole family to treasure!

The beautiful clearing where the wedding was held.

I know these hands will hold each other and support each other through so much.

We did it!

A resident and guest. :)

I figured it only appropriate to bring one more item they love into the photos. :) 
This is the emblem on the hood of their '79 Corvette.

Michael has the greatest laugh... I can just feel it coming through in this photograph!

Congratulations you two! You did it! It's final!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

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