Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My "baby" niece is 3!

Here are a few snapshots I took at Kaylin's 3rd birthday. My how she has grown so fast.

Her birthday was at the beginning of May and we got really lucky with the weather. Lucky in as much as the rain held off until all the festivities were done.

Things I love most about Kaylin: her crazy sense of humor (she fits right into this family), her adorable eye rolling manuevers, she calls me happy instead of auntie.

Most memorable Kaylin moment ever: holding her in my arms when she was 2 days old and the bond I felt with her instantly.

What events are coming up in your world? Can I help you by photographing your event?

Talk to you soon,

Angie D.


nwscrapmom said...

She is very photogenic. These pictures are adorable!

Anonymous said...

These are just adorable!!


lynette said...

I can't belive how quickly time has passed! She is beautiful!

Willow said...

angie those are sooo cute! i love the jumping one...