Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rebecca & Joe - Just for love's Sake

Rebecca & Joe were married a year ago (plus a couple months). Rebecca told me that she never had wedding photographs done and wanted to have a session to show their love.

Joe on the other hand was not so much on board with this plan. I was pretty sure I could see the red mark on his wrist where Rebecca had twisted his arm ;)

Well, we started outside at their home, which was a little tricky because of the way the sun was hitting their yard. We did a few there, got Joe warmed up and comfortable as we were going to and dare I say almost having a good time! Ü
From there we drove down the street to the school at the end of their block which provided several areas to photograph these love birds.

"The Story" - When I arrived Rebecca told me that they hadn't had the best of days so far. They'd been bickering and just plain having a rough day. By the end of the session they couldn't keep thier hands off each other and Rebecca actually cried. OH NO! I was so worried that she wasn't having a good time or that maybe Joe had said something and he wasn't having a good time. Turned out that she was crying because of how much in love with her husband she was! I actually almost started crying! How awesome that I was able to provide them with a moment... and to be able to share it with them!

I've said it before, and I will say it again... I love my job! I just love that I was able to help them commemorate their love thru photography and not only that, to provide a memorable and fun experience and moment. I truly enjoy making a session fun. I try to make it unique and special and wonderful. It's not just a job for me... it is about making a connection and helping you remember that moment. So many times when people get ready for photos it is a stressful time... trying to get the kids ready, having to look just so, perfect hair, makeup flawless... great if you can, but it is so much more about the love and the emotion and being together sharing of each other. Let the stress go and have fun! Or cry and be in that moment! I am there for you, whatever direction that takes us. Let loose, have fun, be you... I'll be me and hopefully together we can capture your true emotion and love.

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever


Rebecca said...

I LOVE THIS! Thank you, Angie...more than you may ever know :) Joe and I were actually sealed in September of 2008 in the Seattle LDS temple and we were married May 18, 2002. But it's all good :)

Marie said...

Those are great. I love the different perspectives you got.

lynette said...
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lynette said...

Those are great pics!!!