Friday, August 21, 2009

Kaylin & Noah

Oh my goodness... how does time fly by so quickly? I remember sitting in the hospital and holding this baby girl in my arms and now she's 4! And this little boy is talking and walking and swimming and climbing and it was just yesterday I was photographing his precious tiny baby face.
These two kiddos are so adorable! I'm kind of biased... but really... could they be any cuter?

I love the photo of them walking together on the railroad tracks. It just feels peaceful and it was such a nice moment. No yelling, or fighting or bouncing up and down... just a moment where brother and sister were in total harmony enjoying the scenery. Then we picked dandilions and they blew the fairies and it was so precious!
I also love the photo of my sister with Noah. She didn't plan on being in the photos... however Mister Noah had a different plan. He is TOTALLY a mama's boy. And at this instance he needed to be held. Nika put the biggest smiles on that little boys face and I just think this photo shows the love!

And then the wild running and being a kid all came flooding back and I think I might have even been the instigator on this! Ü I just love running around and acting like a big dorky kid! I REFUSE to grow up!

Virtual hugs to the cutest kiddos I know!
Love Auntie Angie {AKA - "Happy" to the neice and nephew}
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Cute session Angie.