Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photo Contest #1

I am starting a contest where I will post a series of different photos to my blog.

Answer the who/what/where of the photo and receive a $25 gift card. SWEET!

Only comments posted on my blog or on facebook will be eligible for the gift certificate. The first person to answer correctly will be the winner. Only one gift certificate per person per month.

Good luck!

First Photo... Guess where this was taken:

Remember to post your answers to my blog in order to be eligible for the gift certificate! This first one is easier, they'll get harder as I go! Ü


And thanks for playing!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever


Suzanne said...

wright park?

Suzanne said...

haha! after looking at the words on the signs, i'm pretty sure i'm wrong. whoops!

AngieDphotography said...

If it were wright's park it would probably say...

---> bums
<--- merry go round
---> pond
<--- wine in brown bags

Although they do seem to be cleaning it up! Thanks for playing Suzanne!

Patrick Williams said...

Chateau St Michele in Woodinville, WA

Marie said...

Chateau Benoit in Portland?

AngieDphotography said...

Patrick is the winner! Congratulations! Watch the mail for your certificate!