Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alyssa's Senior Session

Alyssa will be graduating this year from Curtis High School and she is a senior model for me. Her first session was in August and the weather was perfect! Some leaves had already started turning, so we were even able to get a couple fall looking shots then which was great because the second time I photographed Alyssa was after the leaves had almost all fallen to the ground. It was cold, but she toughed it out and looked beautiful doing it!

Alyssa might possibly be the smiley-est girl on the planet. I was only able to convince her to go for the serious look a couple of times... and it was difficult to get her to do it. Then when she saw the photos... it just wasn't her. Don't even try to be in a bad mood around Alyssa cause she'll make you smile!

Good luck getting time with Alyssa tho... she is one super busy girl! She is in Honor Society, is involved with University Place Council and UP Parks. She will be in Track in the spring, and currently she is participating in Dance Blast which is a super cool collection of different types of dance routines performed by different groups of students. If you are interested in attending, send me a message and I will get you the info!

WAY back in the day ;) when I was a senior in High School, I actually participated in dance blast. It was something that my English teacher put together, not really a dance, but it was a choreographed fan section at a football game. I've got photographs somewhere, but when I went looking I couldn't find them. Probably better for everyone! LOL! (But I was super excited because something that stumped me last night when I tried to find it magically appeared today in my search for photographs!!! Made my day, can you tell!??!?!)

Anyway, there I go getting way off track again... but that's me! Ü I'm a little excitable!

Without further ado... here's Miss Alyssa!

Downtown Tacoma.  There was construction going on and the whole street was torn up.  That was an adventure!

One of Alyssa's Favorite photos!

Lighting up the outdoors with her smile!

The express yourself Tiles that I created for and with Alyssa.  Think it tunred out pretty awesome! See my first design and post about Tiles here.

Thanks Alyssa for  two fun sessions!

Angie D

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CoCo & Co said...

Love the card! Nothing to do with the fact that I am a fellow VIKING! :) Good work girl!