Thursday, March 11, 2010

Family Fun in Tacoma

This was a super fun session... a little wild at times with three little ones... but so much fun!  Karla (mom) has been helping me with my office remodel and I am so thankful to have had her help.  I had a bunch of random ideas and she helped me focus and find the way!  I get so overwhelmed when it comes to that stuff...

ANYWAY... all that rambling was the beginning of the thought that Karla has a super great style and beautiful home and from our consultation, I knew that she was very into architecture.  So it was really neat getting to step back and think about cool architecture to use for this family.

You have seen this family before in a sneak peek.  You've also seen that same photo on my most recent promotion.  So, here are a few new photos that you haven't seen before... architecture, love of coffee, and adorable kiddos... soak it up!

Karla was thinking this last photo may just have a place on the mantel... she had some planning and thinking to do on this, which reminds me, did you decide yet?  And the next question is dolly or no dolly? Ü  I can easily take the dolly out in photoshop, but I decided to leave it for the blog because it tells a huge part of this family's story, especially Ellison's story. (Ellison is the sis in this family... hey with two brothers... she's gotta even it out somehow!) 

That poor dolly had a rough day during our photo shoot!  She was used as a toy to toss in the air... she sat on my head for a while, she plays a mean game of peek a boo... Ü  I love that it is in this photo because it so takes me back to that day.

Thanks for a fun filled session!  Your family is adorable!

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever 

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