Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alissa's Senior Session

Miss Alissa is a trooper for sure.  She endured a cold day and a sick photographer... as well as a mother and photographer who MADE her smile!  Ü 

When we met for her consultation Alissa was wearing this green sweater which is super fab because it totally makes her green eyes pop... so I said... you should definitely wear this at your session! I am so glad she listened!

I am guessing that Alissa is one of those girls that doesn't realize how absolutely beautiful she is.  She moaned and groaned and said she didn't like to show her teeth when she smiled.  But it is amazing how she goes from being a beautiful girl to absolutely glowing when she lets that smile fly!

As I said, we FORCED Alissa to smile... we'd take one with her closed mouth smile and we'd twist her arm behind her back and ask her to indulge us with those pearly whites. 

So, all this being said... guess which ones were Alissa's favorites?!?!  You guessed it... I am so glad we tortured her to smile, because the majority of her favorites showed her winning grin.

If you were trying to find Alissa you'd probably find her doing homework, hanging with her boyfriend or watching her favorite movie "Up". 

I wish you all the best Alissa... I can't wait to hear your plans for next year and beyond... I know you are destined to be great!  (Just flash that smile... it'll give you an extra edge! Ü)

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

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