Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

This is Sassy, Sweet, Sixteen year old Nicole...

Nicole will be a junior this year and has lived in Puyallup her whole life.

When Nicole "Grows Up" she plans on becoming a teacher or a nurse.

Second hand serenade is her favorite band.

Nicole quite possibly texts faster than anyone I know... although her mom is a close second! Ü

I love Nicole's attitude... she is so fun and sassy... and although I am sure her mother doesn't love it... it cracks me up that when she is frustrated with her mom... she calls her Shelley!
Happy Monday!
Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever


nwscrapmom said...

Great pictures! She has a certain joie de vivre about her!

Willow said...

cah-ute! love the coloring on the first one and feet, you just cant get enough of those shots :)

lynette said...

Great pics!