Friday, August 29, 2008

Girly Girl

Last night I got together with 2 other very talented photographer friends of mine (Tami and Celeste) for a girly girl shoot. There was supposed to be two little girls, but the other one's mommy thought the weather wasn't good enough... but thankfully the weather was nearly perfect! Anyway, Miss Annabelle did a great job as our only model. Poor thing suffered an allergic reaction to the flowers in the field. What women will do for beauty! Ü

This shoot was just for fun and I definitely had fun with it. Now I better get back to work! Ü
Thanks for all your comments!
Angie D.
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Willow said...

angie these are absolutely fab! i love the coloring on all of them, they look great!

Marie said...

These are wonderful. I love the swirls on the photo. Tell your model she's adorable!

lynette said...


Michele said...

Those are so adorable. How could a Mom decide. I would say "I want them all". Great job. Fav's is 2nd one down.

Carla Pomroy said...

Hey Angie- so good to be able to leave a comment. I love all of these photos- the back to school apple is awesome. Creative and fun!

Celeste, John, Belle, Alexander and Daisy said...

angie, you did an awesome job!

I love them

nwscrapmom said...

Beautiful pictures (as always)!