Thursday, August 7, 2008

- Christopher -

This is Christopher... Although later I was told he goes by Chris... and then later his sister said, just call him Topher... or you could just call him GRAD.

Chris graduated this year from Emerald Ridge. This next year he will be attending Ecola Bible College in Cannon Beach Oregon. He hasn't decided what he will do after college yet, he says "Im staying open to Gods plans for my life."

I asked Chris "what are the two things you would take with you to a deserted island?" and he said his surfboard and Yamaha YZF 250.

If Chris had an hour to burn you would find him riding his dirt bike.

Congratulations Christopher! You did it... and now you have a brand new adventure ahead of you. Even though you didn't want to have your photograph taken, I appreciate you giving it the old "college try" - pun intended - I am so pleased with how these turned out and I hope you are too.

Oh and I got a little crazy with these (figured the skateboard and the surfboard needed some coolness added to the borders of the photos). Let me know what you think everyone!!! Too much? Cool?

Angie D
Your High School Senior Photographer


Kim said...

I think they look FABULOUS!

lynette said...

Great work! I especially like the second one.

Willow said...

i like the border on the third one the best. but the last one is cool too. i like these shots angie, they look really good!!!

nwscrapmom said...

Great shots!

Lesa said...

I like the edges too...did he smile at all?..altho it may not be "cool" to smile at that

Tami said...

I love the borders, I think they fit the mood of the images perfectly!