Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Holiday Mini Sessions

In November I offered holiday mini sessions to clients to use the portraits for gifts and cards. Here is a spotlight on four families who attended…

The Chittendens:

You may recognize these kiddos since I photographed them a couple of years ago out at fort Steilacoom park in Lakewood. Those photos are hanging in the Chittenden’s chiropractic office. This time around we were thinking gifts and we were able to get some great photos of Andrew, Aleis and Matthew! These two boys are absolutely the definition of boy! Rough and tumble, want nothing to do with having their photograph taken… so when I am able to get them to smile at the same time… I kind of feel like I just won a small battle! Ü

The Riggs:

I just recently photographed Layne for her senior portraits and it was a blast. I was very excited when I found out that the Riggs family was going to come in for their family portraits. At this session I had the pleasure of meeting Layne’s brother Evan and sister in law Erika who were married earlier this year. (Congratulations again to you two!) And of course the trickiest family member was the dog... who apparently likes to eat, well whatever he can get his chompers on! I was informed that this dog had recently eaten a whole glove and they were able to unfortunately confirm that a few days later when his stomach decided it was done with the glove! That is just so funny to me.

The Pohwats:

I met Corina and Jared at one of my husband’s work parties a couple of years ago. Ever since then Corina has been telling me how much she wanted to have family photos taken… so I was so glad when she told me that the holiday mini session was going to work out for them! With two little ones it’s always a challenge to make sure everyone is looking at the camera and happy… but we did it and got such cute images of this family! Little Cecilia is so cute with her little teeth just coming in. Too squishy and adorable for words. And Mr. Andrew… at such an independent stage… he was going to let us know where to stand and how to pose. It was pretty awesome! I definitely learned that 30 minutes is pushing it with two little ones... they just take a little extra time. Ü

The Jacobsons:

Momma Forest and I were connected through my mother who works with Forest and also has done some crafty projects for her. We were hoping that we’d be able to get a family photo including daddy, but he had to work… (we’ll get that another time though)… so we were able to capture momma with her kiddos and then some of the kiddos separately. These two were just too cute. I absolutely adore the photo of them lying on their tummies! CJ is such a loving older brother and it’s just so cute to watch see how he looks at his baby sister Isabel.

Angie D.
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