Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fung Family

Fung Family – WOW, I am so behind on blogging it so isn’t funny. I normally tell people it will be up in a month or two, but sheesh, 7 months…. *blush*

I met the Fung family at a Mariner’s game that my husband Steve’s work organized. The girls were soooo adorable and I of course had to snuggle little Hailey because she was just too friggen adorable for words! Gotta love baby snuggles… yum! Anyway we got to talking with Cassie & Ray and the topic came up that I was a photographer… they were so excited because they had just been talking about doing family photographs. SWEET! Gotta love meeting someone and being able to help them take care of a to do item as wonderful as portraits! Ü

Within a week of meeting I set up the appointment for the Fung family and met them up in Bothell at the Country Village. I’d wanted to photograph there… toooooo cute for words. Well found out the hard way that there is a photographer with rights to the property there so I got a little letter that asked me not to return… oh well… I got to fulfill my wish of photographing there and we got some absolutely adorable shots! Ü

Ray & Cassie ordered framed storyboards to go in their home.  Here are the two they ordered of the girls:

Ok, seriously, could these girls BE any more adorable? I just love my job!!!

Angie D.
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