Friday, October 8, 2010

We are family

Kelly, Ed, Kaitlin, and Emily met me out on a beautiful summer morning in downtown T-town for their family portraits.  We actually were ambushed by the sun...what a wonderful surprise... although it was a tad bit frustrating because we planned our session around the fact that it was going to be overcast and did it in the a little later in the morning than we should have since Kelly really wanted to incorporate Tacoma architecture!  The problem is that the sun was so bright it causes squinting and hot spots and dark shadows and all kinds of trickiness for a photographer.  BUT... we dealt with it and I think we got some pretty amazing images.

 I met Kelly just after the new year... she owns Massage at the Ritz in Lakewood and I went in and bought a couple of gift certificates due to a special she was promoting.  (This would be a gentle nudge and reminder miss Kel that if you had a website I would be able to promote it! ;)  Kelly is an amazing massage therapist and I am so thankful that I have met her and her family because now she has also become a friend!

When I had my open house Kelly brought in her family to meet me and to check out my new studio.  It was a great opportunity to meet her girls who pretend to be shy... but now I know it's all just an act!

I just L O V E the way so many of these images came out!

Thanks to you all for being wonderful to be with and to photograph!!!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

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