Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lisa + Scott = Love Birds

I assisted my photographer friend Carla with this beautiful wedding. Carla met Lisa on an airplane YEARS ago. They connected immediately. Lisa had recently been diagnosed with cancer and told her story to Carla. At the time Lisa and Scott had only been dating for a short time and she was worried that cancer would cut their relationship short... as I understand it, she even told Scott that she would understand if he moved on to someone healthy that could spend a whole lifetime with him. 

As I said years passed and Carla receives a phone call from this woman she met on the airplane so many years ago. She had saved Carla's card and she was getting married!!! So very exciting! And the cancer was in remission! How awesome!

What a beautiful couple and wedding. It's too bad the weather was crummy. It held out for a about 15 minutes so we could get out and do a few outdoor pics... but it was too bad it wasn't better because the venue was gorgeous!

Thanks Carla for letting me help you with this one. It was an honor! Ü

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

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