Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cole & Samantha

Wow, I just realized I never posted this... it's been sitting in my drafts now for months! Enjoy!

Cole and Samantha came in to have their photographs taken as the first to use my new studio! They were an absolute handful and I loved it. I love watching the wonder in little ones eyes as they run around and check out the world. And in the world of the studio, there is a lot to check out! Ü

Poor Cole had croup and was only interested in having his photographs taken for a very short time. But even not feeling well he was still awfully adorable!

Sam and Cole have known each other almost their whole entire long lives! ;) Their parents met due to being pregnant at the same time and being in classes together. After the babies were born Amanda (Sam's momma) got the wonderful opportunity to nanny for Cole and therefore be with her beautiful Samantha everyday!

To add a little more interest to the story, Sam's daddy's name is Cole too (aka known as my brother) ... so it can be rather tricky when listening to a story to decipher who the story is about! Ü I remember one time Amanda was telling a story about Cole throwing a fit and I thought to myself... why is my brother throwing a fit? That’s not very becoming! Ha!

If his eyes were any more blue it would be a crime!

If this doesn't just put childhood into a nutshell, I don't know what does! ;)

Thanks to two cutie kiddos who make me smile over and over... I just love the photographs we captured that day!  And thanks to their parents who provided transportation and great company! Ü

Angie D
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