Friday, May 22, 2009


This is Melissa... She is graduating this year... in no time at all high school will be over and she will be on her way to Evergreen college.

Melissa and I met at Starbucks for her to see her photographs and it was nice to sit and chat. I found out some neat stuff about her!

This year she attended her first Mariner's game and just absolutely loved it!

Melissa is a part of Track & Field at her school, however she stressed heavily that she does NOT run! hee hee... me either! You'll find Melissa tossing a Discuss and kickin butt at the Shot put.

I had fun with Melissa and her brother who was awesome and came to help out with her session. (It's amazing what a little bribery can do amongst siblings!)

Go and do great things! I can see it in you. The world is waiting for you...

Thanks for being such a sweetheart!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever