Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What a session! Kaitlyn was so much fun to photograph. I think we actually hit the two hour mark on this session. WHOA! She was fun, then serious, then America's next top model... this girl was workin' it!

Kaitlyn is going to attend UW next year! Go Huskies! (I will state for the record that I am equal opportunity in the UW v WSU battle, so don't think I am taking sides here! Ü)

This year Kaitlyn served on ASB as the secretary...any plans for holding office in college?

I had so much fun photographing Kaitlyn that I am hoping before she runs off to Seattle for school in the fall that we can get together again and have a prom dress photo shoot! Anyone interested in joining in just for fun?!?!

There is something I love about this image... but I can't quite put my finger on exactly what makes me love it so much. Tranquility, maybe that's it?

SO SASSY! LOVE IT! You go girl!

Quite possibly my favorite image (tied with about 7 others! Ü) I love her smile in this photograph. SO Genuine!
Eyes to die for! Doesn't this image captivate you?!? Well it captivates me, I love it!

If you know any 2009 seniors who still haven't gotten their portraits taken... let them know NOW is the time! The weather is beautiful and why not commemorate one of the most important rites of passage in your life?!? It only happens once... and I speak from experience... I have always regretted not having professional senior portraits taken. Call me today to book your appointment... there's still enough time to get portraits before the end of school!
Remember Today ~ Forever
Angie D.

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