Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boudoir Marathon


These ladies were awesome. I couldn't have asked for two more fantastic women for my first Boudoir Marathon. They were both so much fun and so open to all my crazy ideas.

soft and beautiful

how sassy is this! Love it!

I just absolutely love Kody's Smile here, and her eyes, you can see the smile in them too...this image makes me feel so peaceful and happy.

Athena... your eyes... whoa... Every time I look at this image I feel like you could read my thoughts! Intense!

Everyone is going to think you are so serious from these photos... I feel the need to tell them it was work to get you to be serious! Your smile is infectious. Ü

It was only a marathon of two... but by the time I was done, I felt exhausted. This was definitely a good number for my first one. I learned a lot! Next time (which is seeming like it may be the end of June or early July) I have a lot of new ideas to implement! Be looking for more information to come out soon!!!

I have only shared a few images on my blog... the ones that are the most family friendly. If you are interested in seeing more, let me know and I will happily share more with you! And don't forget to leave comments so I know you are reading!

Thanks so much to Kody & Athena for being so amazingly RAD! Ü I think I had as much fun as you did!!!
Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever


prettypeah said...

Very Sexy! Great Work!

Charlene said...

Oh! I really like the last one, b&wm, with pearls. Nice!!!

Rebecca said...

They are beautiful, Ang! I can't wait for August!

Marie said...

I'm reading! Very clever with the pearls shot. You did good!

Lesa said...

wow!..some of your best work Ang!! helps to have gorgeous subjects to photograph!!

Michele said...

Nice job Anj....

Sheree said...

Beautiful photos, Good Job!

Kerri said...

Ang! These are just great! I'd be really interested in doing something like this in a few months after I'm back in shape - Im getting close! :) These are extremely classy and sexy and I just LOVE the ones with the pearls around her feet. Hot!