Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trenton is TWO Cute!

Where to start with this post... the beginning seems like it would be fitting. Trenton's mommy Lisa and I met in preschool. Lisa and I went to elementary school together, played on the playground together, went to the fair together, sang karaoke to Madonna in her living room... I could go on and on...

We also attended Junior High and High School together but have lost touch since graduation. Thanks to the World Wide Web, Lisa and I reconnected through Facebook after almost 14 years! OMG... I can't believe we have been out of school 14 years.

Pause for recollecting my self... deep breath... When did 14 years go by? Seriously!

Anyway... so we reconnected through facebook and Lisa saw my photography just in time for Trenton's 2nd birthday photos! Tenten as he calls himself is such a joy. He tried to play coy and shy with me... but I could see his playful side.

I had an awesome time photographing Trenton and reconnecting with my friend Lisa. I am looking forward to many years of renewed friendship! And to watching Trenton grow and become a man... cause it does happen that fast.

Love that "Caught in the act" face!

Lisa & Trenton

This is a 10x20 Storyboard that I made of Trenton who loves to look out the window!

Doesn't this just make you feel peaceful?

Oh those lashes... love em. Why do little boys get all the great lashes?

Peek-a-boo Trenton's two!
Seriously 14 years... sheesh!

Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever

Time goes by so quickly. Make sure you are taking the time to preserve your families memories.


Nika said...

So adorable! Those pictures turned out great... and SERIOUSLY aboput the lashes... Noah's make me jealous :)

lynette said...

So cute!!!

Marie said...

Love the curly hair, too.

Mrs. Caddigan said...

What a doll!!! I spend tons of $$ to try and get lashes like that! It's just not fair :)