Monday, April 27, 2009

Boudoir Marathon - May 11th

Hi Everyone! I am so very excited to announce that I am having a Boudoir Marathon!

What in the world is it? No it doesn't involve running... trust me... I wouldn't be doing it if it did! Ü

Boudoir photographs are intimate and romantic images of women commonly wearing lingerie. Boudoir is a French term that refers to the bedroom, which is the general setting for these photographs. I specialize in tasteful images which are classy, beautiful, flirty and modern.

Who gets boudoir photographs taken? Anyone who wants beautiful portraits of themselves or to give as a gift to someone special! Commonly these portraits are given as Valentine’s gifts, from a bride to her husband on their wedding day or as a gift from a wife to her husband serving overseas in the military. Other great occasions are anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and weight loss or just because you want to appreciate the skin you’re in!

A boudoir Marathon is an event where multiple boudoir sessions are photographed on the same day in the same location. By doing several in one day I am able to offer a fantastic venue at a great price. Sessions include hair and makeup by a trained professional.

Many people are often nervous about boudoir portraiture… but by the end of their session they can’t believe how much fun they had! If you are interested, but hesitant, give me a call. We’ll talk about how you can have a wonderful time and love the resulting images!

I only have 3 spots open for May 11th. Contact me right away if you are interested!

Angie D.

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