Thursday, January 15, 2009

Washington Winter Wonderland

Happy 2009! For some reason the transition of writing the new year has been no problem for me this go round. I have not yet made the mistake of writing 2008. I think I am just ready for a wonderful year!
These photographs were taken on 12-21, the day that we had freezing rain after the snow. It was interesting crunching through the outer "crust" of snow through the inches to feet of snow. I absolutely loved our winter wonderland.
One of my favorite things about the snow we received was doing my Christmas shopping with my mom while it was snowing. It felt like I was in a movie or something. We so rarely get this kind of weather here, and I think the last time was before my memory can serve me.
I hope you enjoyed the snow! I would love to hear your favorite memory about the snowfall! The 7th person to post thier comment will get a starbucks gift card!
Looking forward to photographing you in 2009!
Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever


Kerri B said...

These winter pics make me actually LIKE this weather. They look like postcards!!! :)

Sheree said...

picture perfect

Dennis -"Quack-quack" said...

The still quiet of the evening while it is snowing...only to be interupted by the gurgling of the hot tub and the squeals of laughter trying to get into house before your feet freeze to the deck :)

Marie said...

Well, I'll help someone get to #7...I love those pictures. You really captured the serenity of the snow. It looks so peaceful! It was fun to go shopping in the snow. We were laughing all the way in from the parking lot. :)

Jen Brooks said...

Hi Ang,

Great work! Your pics take me back to a time of a wintery wonderland, snowmen's with my family and cold days spent warming up with hot cocoa! I enjoyed a white Christmas and you captured the true meaning of the weather and holiday season! Looking back, it does seem like we were in a movie or in another land! Keep up the great work.....those pics are awesome!

lynette said...

Congrats to the one that follows me :) The pics are beautiful. I love the quiet of snow.

Lesa said...

ooh, me!! me??...great pics as usual Ang!..cya soon I hope!