Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Here is a list of romatic restaurants in Seattle... Make sure to get your reservations in early. There is nothing worse than waiting until the last minute and having to go the local greasy spoon cause you think you didn't need to make reservations. (Love you anyway dear!) Ü

1. Canlis 206.283.3313
Dine overlooking a breathtaking view of Lake Union. Soft music and subtle lighting provide the backdrop for a memorable and romantic meal. Located in Queen Anne.

2. El Gaucho 206.728.1337
Enjoy a nostalgic dining experience at one on the best steakhouses in the northwest. Come early to enjoy a cocktail in the lavish lounge. Located in Belltown.
3. Dahlia Lounge 206.682.4142
The “Quintiessential Seattle” restaurant. Serving the Northwest’s finest foods. Located in Belltown.

4. Il Bistro 206.682.3049
Experience the beauty and sheer romance Italy has to offer. Dine intimately with the one you love at what has been deemed the “most romantic” restaurant in Seattle. Located in Pike Place Market.

5. Chez Shea 206.467.9990
For a truly romantic dining experience. Endulge yourself in either their four course seasonal menu or eight course Chef tasting menu. Located in Pike Place Market.

6. Maximilien in the Market 206.682.7270
Get swept away by the panoramic view of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, Elliot Bay and a romantic sunset as you enjoy all the delicacies France has to offer. Located in Pike Place Market.

7. Campagne 206.728.2800
A more casual and flirty dining experience. Serves country French food. Located in Pike Place Market.

8. Il TerrazoCarmine 206.467.7797
An intoxicating atmosphere and mouth watering food make Il Terrazo Carmine an ideal spot for Valentine’s Day. Located in Pioneer Square.

9. Waterfront Seafood Grill 206.956.9171
The hidden jewel of Seattle. Dine on some of the best seafood the northwest has to offer all while soaking in the view of Magnolia Bluff, Elliot Bay, and the Space Needle. Located on Pier 70, Seattle.

10. al Boccalino 206.622.1798
Known for anniversary celebration and marriage proposals the atmosphere exudes romance. Located in Pioneer Square

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