Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hallie - Best friend Extraordinaire

This sweet gal is best friends with Kaelyn. And she is graduating this year as well.

I am so glad that Hallie came to Kaelyn's session. Not only is she a gorgeous gal, but she also has some great talents. As soon as she arrived she pulled out her make up kit and spiced up her best friend's look for her senior portraits. Then she helped to loosen Kaelyn up and get her to give me some beautiful smiles.

Hallie and Kaelyn also have another friend named Caylin who was at the session. Unfortunately Caylin hasn't sent me a release form, so I can't post the absolutely fantastic photos of the three of them together. I hope she does because I think they all turned out so great!

Those three girls remind me of me and my two closest girlfriends in high school ~ Amy and Monika. I have some wonderful memories with my gal pals! Cherish these times girls... the world is about to change so much for you. It is exciting and wonderful. Remember to stay close to your friends, they will support you forever! Here is a blast from the past... me and my buds during our senior year of high school. Had to do a little digging to find this one! Ü Enjoy! But don't laugh too hard! Class of 95 baby! Oh crap... I just dated myself! LOL... I don't mind.

Call me today to book a girlfriend session. This could be a 2 year old play date or a girls night out having wine! Girlfriends make our lives so much fun and enrich us so much at EVERY age! The memories will make you smile forever.
Angie D
Preserving your precious memories.
Remember Today ~ Forever