Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter Sprinklers

Last Friday I was on my way to a photoshoot and I drove by the most beautiful sight. An isolated area that was absolutely covered in ice and icicles. I was so happy I was out and about with my camera. On my way home I could hardly wait to take photographs of this amazing bizzare happening. Upon close inspection of the area I came to realize that the reason everything was covered in ice was because someone had turned on the sprinklers. Oh wow! Thank you to whoever made the silly mistake of turning on the sprinklers in January when it was 19 degrees in the morning. This day... I was reinvigorated with my passion for photography. Between my morning session with a wonderful gal (will share some of those photographs later) and then being able to capture these images... how lucky I am!

To see more images you can check out my website at click on online proofing and then on Winter Sprinklers. (You can also purchase copies of these prints through my website if they move you like they move me!)

That's all for now!


Your Nature Photographer


nwscrapmom said...

Boy, Angie... those are absolutely beautiful images! Thanks so much for sharing them. Those are the kinds of pictures that really catch my eye.

Michele said...

Very cool photos Angie! Only problem is they make me feel even colder!

Marie said...

Great photos, Angie!

lynette said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!