Thursday, June 9, 2011

LaShanda & Deon Wedding

LaShanda & Deon were married in February on a cold and snowy day... but they were brave souls and hopped outside for a quick few photographs to commemorate their union.

Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful and LaShanda's face radiated with her happiness!

It was so obvious that they people they chose as attendants were the ones who should definitely be there.  They were surrounded by love at every turn and also a lot of fun too!

The ceremony was beautiful and perfect!

When the ceremony was concluded we headed to The Varsity Grill in downtown Tacoma for their reception.  It was the first time I had ever been there and it was a beautiful venue for a reception.

After toasts and cake cutting LaShanda disappeared and surprised us all by changing her dress.  Shortly after doing so she and Deon participated in a dance off which was a very close competition... In fact, I believe it was officially declared a tie... however, I bet they'd each say they were the winner. ;)

Congratulations Deon & LaShanda! Welcome to the wedded world.  You make it a better place!

Remember Today ~ Forever
Angie D.

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