Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cydne & Dylan & baby to be

WOW! I just realized this has been sitting in my drafts and was never published... wow... Little Zoe is almost a year old now!!!

Cydne and I recently reconnected through facebook after having attended junior and senior high school together.  What an awesome thing facebook has been in making the world such a smaller place!  I have gotten to reconnect with so many people who I otherwise would have lost contact with until our next reunion at the earliest!

When I saw that Cydne was pregnant I was so overjoyed for her and was so joyful when she said she'd like to have maternity photographs taken!  Cydne is such a beautiful woman, her personality and smile energize me!

Dylan is absolutely adorable. Their nickname for him is Dyl pickle which I think is freakin awesome! I first met him at my Click or Treat event last October when his cutieness scored him a win in the costume contest. He is going to be a heartbreaker for sure!

At the time of this session little miss bun in the oven was still unnamed... they just couldn't come to a decision... I can't wait to hear how they did finally arrive at the name Zoe. And I sure hope to be able to photograph the little bundle of cuteness!

A glowing momma is one of the most beautiful things on the planet.  Thank you Cydne for allowing me to priveledge to photograph you and Dylan. 

 I won't hold it against you that you made my brain start thinking baby! ;)
(Maybe I will now... since I am 3.5 months preggo! Ü HAHA!)

Angie D
Remember Today ~ Forever

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