Thursday, February 5, 2009

Samantha is One!

I have been blessed with beautiful babies!

This is the second of 3 babies within a month that turned 1 that I get to photograph!

Samantha as you may recall is my niece. Cole is my brother and Amanda is my sister in law! I am so happy that I get to photograph the three of you. I always have fun.

Her new feather boa was adorable on her... she however just thought it was itchy! Ü

The beautiful happy Family! Isn't Sam funny with her tongue sticking out.

Sam wanted absolutely nothing to do with diving into that cake. She didn't like it on her birthday and she didn't like it here at this session. She was ok with being proper and polite and taking small bites, but we were hoping for a great big mess!!! Well apparently she didn't want to get dirty! I absolutely hated getting my hands and feet dirty when I was a kid. Come to find out... so did my brother! Hmmmm... it runs in the family! Ü It was neat to learn that little tidbit! Ü
The best part was that the cake was still in great condition, so we all enjoyed a slice after the session! Super sweet! Ü
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Lesa said...

wow, time has flown by!..hard to believe she is a year already. Her pics are so cute and the cake is also adorable- perfect for a baby girl!

lynette said...

So cute! What fun cake pics too.