Saturday, February 7, 2009

Noah is 1!

Mister Noah bo Boah is 1! I can't believe it. It really puts time in perspective when you watch a child grow! Especially a cutie like this guy! We started out with the cake, wondering what his reaction would be... OH BOY! He loved it! He is a pro cake demolisher! Ü He absolutely loved digging into that cake. (Isn't it a cute cake too!)

I just love the coy look on his face in this first photo... I can just hear his little devious thoughts!

Funny story about the mohawk... apparently dad did not consult mom about cutting Noah's hair and Mom was quite surprised by the hairdo with photos coming up. Well she didn't worry about it too much and I think it is adorable. I would have absolutely loved if we could have found a leather jacket to photograph him in. Maybe next time! I think he looks like a cupie doll in this photo!

It's hard to tell, but he is blowing bubbles in this photo... omg... so cute! I love his little lips all pursed up like that... it just makes me think of a little ducky for some reason. He's just so flippin cute!

A natural nudie! Ü I have a feeling this handsome devil is going to be one of my best subjects. He is a little ham... and we'll get him so used to the camera, he'll be sad when it isn't around! Ü

How quickly time flies, and how precious life is. Don't let the moments slip away, no matter what age you are. It is so important to create those memories through photography!
Side note... Is anyone else excited that the snow is falling today? It is so beautiful! Ü
ta ta for now.
Angie D.
Remember Today ~ Forever


Willow said...

angie those are awesome!!! i love the one with the big smile and the blue frosting all over his face, soooo cute! and the coloring on the sepia one, nice!

lynette said...

He is adorable! What a great head of hair :)

Lesa said...

these are some of your best pics,Ang!!..he is gorgeous!!

Carla Pomroy said...

Angie- I love the middle photo- what a cute smile filled with delight and joy. Darling photos- sure to please!

Michele said...

I love these. Also, the background in these pops!!! Great shots. He's so lucky to have Auntie like you.

Anonymous said...

He is delicious and i want to eat him!!!!!!!

Give him a big smooch from Auntie Erin :)

Kerri said...

This makes me want to have a baby. That little pouty lip pic is the cutest thing I've ever seen!