Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sleepy Girl

This is Gianna... her mommy (Kristy) and I attend a networking group together and Kristy is also my accountability partner. Mommy and I had big plans for photographs full of smiles... unfortunately Gianna didn't get the memo.

Poor girl missed her nap, fell asleep in the car on the way to the photo shoot and then we had to wake her up. Can't blame her for not bringing her "A game".

I dare you to try waking me up and getting me to pose for photographs... yeah, don't think I would be too happy either!

Even though Gianna was full of 2 year old attitude, I think we captured some awesome images. Here are just a couple. Mom and I have been working hard to coordinate our schedules and haven't met up yet, so this is a sneak peek! Enjoy Kristy!

Angie D
Your "Go with the flow" Photographer! Ü


Willow said...

angie those are beautiful!! i cant wait to see the rest! these images look so "her" and i dont even know her :)

so been there on the wake them up from nap thing-never works!!

Kerri said...

This are the some of the cutest kid pics I've ever seen! Again, I want a little girl real bad now!!! :)

lynette said...

I can't say I blamer her but you did very well with what she gave you. Kid personality coming through.