Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun at the park

This is a session that I photographed early in September for the families at my Chiropractor's office. I am going to be hanging this photo along with a few others in the office to advertise. I'd love to know your thoughts! Ü


Angie D


Tami said...

Cute!!! I like how you have them posed. My only suggestion might be to play with the cropping a bit. As it is there is a lot of extra room on the sides and it is looking a little heavy in the middle. What if the kids where a little off-centered in the frame? I love your border. I can't wait to hear how the display turns out!

Willow said...

i agree with tami, i think it needs to be cropped in a bit.

i love how the boys are in black, the way you arranged them is so cute, the texture of the wall looks nice with them.

if you want to keep it centered i would take it off the sides at that inset.

also, i think the area around the subjects needs to be darkened a bit to showcase the kids more.

this is going to look sooooo awesome hung up! cant wait to see it in person!

lynette said...

Very cute! Love the background and composition.