Wednesday, March 26, 2008

February Wine Club - Cabernet Sauvignon

Ok... Yeah, I'm a little behind... but here are my scientific findings...

First Scientific Finding: Ladies + Wine = Fun.

Ok enough Science... I am gonna break it down. (Listening to 90's music... apparently that affects my lingo)

We tried 7 Cabs:
#1 2005 Milbrandt Vineyards Legacy $25.99
#2 2005 Apex $15.99
#3 2003 Canyon's Edge Winery Reserve $13.99
#4 2005 Amavi $26.99
#5 2005 Charles Shaw $2.99 (Gotta love 3 buck Chuck.... Although I really actually didn't)
#6 2000 Townshend $21.99
#7 2005 Dutch John's Private Reserve $17.99

So, trying to describe my palate... this could be interesting. I started out thinking I was only a sweet white wine girl. But I found out I like expensive Cab. Of course! Actually I know I don't like really dry, kick you in your taste buds wine. Generally I fruit forward, lighter bodied wines. The ones I liked I think were a little more mellow. My faves: #'s 1, 3, and 4.

There you have it - Cab in a nutshell. Oh, and we had basil vanilla ice cream and cucumber feta dip with pita chips. The lesson we learned here is don't eat spicy with Cab. The two recipes we had were fantastic. Ok, now I want to have some, but don't want to make it.

Anyone up for cooking for me?!?!



nwscrapmom said...

Your wine club really sounds like fun. Since we love wine, it's great hearing recommendations from others. I love the photo taken down the table, but at an angle. Very creative!

lynette said...

You got some great pictures there! Looks like a great way to spend an evening.