Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before the session... yes I am a dork...

So, yeah, you all knew I was a dork... but here is proof!

The tech stuff in plain english: When I set up my lights I have to test how bright they are and how the light will hit my subject. Well... normally when I set up I am the only person in the house. Which means that I generally start with a prop for getting my exposure correct and then I set the timer and jump in for a few test shots.

So this particular day I must have had a little too much sugar or maybe not enough. Or maybe it was a full moon... but I was full on dork!

Now you know what happens before you get to a session at my house!
Don't forget to leave me a note to let me know how crazy you think I am! Hey, on that note... what's your favorite NON EMBARRASSING memory of you and I? I love reminiscing!

Angie D

Remember Today ~ Forever


Kim said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE IT!!

Made me giggle.

My favorite memory of you and I... Hmmm... There's so many I can't choose. But here are a few tidbits:

- orchestra trips (jr high & high school)
- double dates with P & K to the movies, Titlow, etc
- and many, many more CHS moments...

I miss you!!


lynette said...

Fun pics :)

Mrs. Caddigan said...

Was this in preparation for the shoot you had the next day after we had lunch?

Steve said...

They are all very cute...and therefore very you. The last one in particular looks like some photos that we have of Kaylin.